Cultural Exchange Night
November 27, 2020  Views:

From July 1, 2019 to July 26, 2019, the HITSZ International Summer camp, held by the Office of International Affairs · Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, received 37 students from the Netherlands, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong and Macao regions of China. This summer camp included two credit courses and other activities like traditional culture experience, cooperative enterprise visit and city exploration, etc. During each course and activity, members of HSICA and volunteers accompanied them and provided them with various help in study and life.

Apart from the original program arrangement, we also held an additional cultural exchange night. We invited campers from The Netherlands and South Korea to introduce their culture, scenic spots, stars, music and other related contents to students in HITSZ, which promoted the communication between HITSZ students and the campers. The Dutch students sang their national anthem and a beauty from South Korea danced, which made the atmosphere very warm.