Instructions for extension of residence permit
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Instructions for Extension of Residence Permit

How to prepare the materials:

Step1: log onto the website of the ShenZhen Municipal Public Security Bureau , 1557299540(1)


And make an appointment first. (choose foreigner,and online appointment for visa application in Shenzhen and fill in the form)





For the inviter information, you can fill in as following:




After you have successfully made the appointment you will get a short message with the reservation serial NO., you can tell me when you finished. I will print out the form for you.





You need to go to photo studio and take the photo with Receipt of Visa Photograph for Foreigners in Guangdong Province.《广东省外国人签证照片检测回执》


Take all the materials( red in the documents list) to office H721 during 8:30-11;40 am, 13:30-17:00pm.

Documents list

Words in red is what do you need to prepare......

  1. Log on the website and fill in the Visa And Residence Permit Application Form (attached with 2-inches blue-background ID photos, follow step 1 above)

  2. Passport(s), photocopies of passport information page, visa OR Residence Permit page, and last entry stamp page

  3. Receipt of Visa Photograph for Foreigners in Guangdong Province

  4. Letter of Guarantee

  5. Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)

  6. Admission Notice

  7. Certificate of Public Institution with Legal Person Status

  8. Fees: CNY400 per year ( Pay by Union Pay card)

  9. REGISTRATION FORM OF TEMPORARY RESIDENCE FOR VISITORS(境外人员临时住宿登记表)(scan the QR code on your dormitory’s door or go to the local police station to get the form and print it out)