Hey! It's HITSZ 国际暑期营|交流随笔 vol.2
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 本文作者是来自荷兰的Mirza Mrahorovic同学。


   This summer program was amazing. The courses taught us about the Chinese culture and entrepreneurship. What I enjoyed the most was the fact that we often had cultural activities or company visits. In this way, you could link the theoretical information obtained from the lecture to a practical scenario. Furthermore, getting to know Chinese and South-Korean students was very pleasant. It was interesting to see that, despite living 10 000 km apart, we shared the same humour and got to trust each other. Furthermore, it was interesting to see that by sharing the same passion, for example about electronics, computers or football, we would immediately have this ‘click’.

   One of the cool activities we had was a visit to Leju. This company was started by a group of students from HIT. Now, they develop humanoid robots for educational purpose and they expect that all schools in China will use their product to educate the younger generation. What made this visit even more nice was the fact that we could have a look around at the workspace and talk to employees who work there. For me, it was surprising to see that there was no strong hierarchy in the company. Perhaps because of the fact that average age of the employees is 25.

   Another amazing adventure was our trip to Guangzhou. It was a very intensive trip. We have visited, in just one day, the Yongqing Maker’s Park, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Guangzhou tower, saw an amazing Cantonese Opera and cruised over the Zhuiiang River in the evening.

  Furthermore, we saw a demonstration of traditional Chinese calligraphy and micro calligraphy. I found it very impressive, as it requires a lot of dedication, focus, persistence and practice to become skilled in this field. Also, I liked the fact that we had the chance to try out palm painting. We also visited the Dafen village. It was impressive to see all the paintings. I expected to see a lot of replica’s, but I also found a lot of original work, which surprised me.

  Lastly, I enjoyed the ‘Traditional Chinese Sports’ activity, which was perhaps one of my favourite cultural activities. It was quite hard to learn the sports, but eventually it was doable.

   If you would like to know more about the other cultural activities, I suggest you to join this program. For any other questions, you can contact me at my mail:



   I hope you liked my story.

Thank you for this amazing experience!


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