HIT held the work arrangement meeting for the beginning of autumn semester, and the school leaders visited the first batch of "return home" students on site
September 3, 2020  Views:

HIT News(Liu Zhongkui/text, Xin Ran/photo) On August 27, the work arrangement meeting for the beginning of autumn semester was held in conference room 626 of the administration building. The meeting was mainly about the deployment on the work related to the start of autumn semester and students' return to school. Xiong Sihao, Chairman of the University Council, presided over the meeting. The attendees included President Zhou Yu, An shi, Executive Vice Chairman of University Council, Wu Songquan, Vice Chairman of University Council, Vice President, and Assistant President Shen Yi.

After the meeting, Xiong Sihao, Zhou Yu and other leaders of HIT went to the places such as students' apartments, canteens, teaching buildings, kindergartens, gatekeepers of the campus to comprehensively inspect the preparation and epidemic prevention work. Xiong Sihao made further deployment on strengthening daily monitoring and management by making full use of scientific and technological means to continuously improve the science and operability of the work. President Zhou Yu made on-site supervision and deployment on how to strictly follow the access control and prohibit tailgating in and out of the entrance guard.

At 8:00 on the 28th, Xiong Sihao, Zhou Yu and other staff came to A04 apartment to visit the returning students. Xiong Sihao said to the students: "all buildings and public areas in the campus have been completely disinfected and cleaned. You can study and live in peace and contentment. I hope you can stick to the standards and practice hard to achieve greater achievements, living up to the youth and the times."

In the lobby of the first floor of the apartment, the person in charge of the students' apartment management center reported the basic situation of students' returning and the preparations and epidemic prevention work for the autumn semester. After listening to the report, Xiong Sihao stressed the need for strict daily management though meeting the requirements of HIT for epidemic prevention, so as to do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control work. We should take the initiative to provide all kinds of convenient conditions and help for the relocation of students.

It is said that in order to do a good job in COVID-19 prevention and control work in 2020 autumn semester, HIT launched a clean-up campus campaign from August 26 to ensure the safety and health of the teachers and students, and further consolidate the epidemic prevention and control results. Disinfection operations were carried out in classrooms, laboratories, students' apartments, canteens and other buildings that were closed during the epidemic prevention and control period, and centralized cleaning was carried out in key areas such as the ground, garages, public toilets in buildings and garbage transfer stations. Canteens such as Xue Yuan, Jiao Ziyuan, Nan Yuan and Jin Xiu have been serving normally, and other canteens will be open for meals in succession. Meanwhile, online ordering and self-taking box lunch points are set up in front of the canteens to relieve the pressure of selling in the canteens during the peak period of meal supply. The library is now open, and all the rooms have been disinfected. Meanwhile, book disinfectors and 24-hour self-service book returning machines are added to facilitate the borrowing and learning of teachers and students.