The Metal Rubber Technology of HIT contributes to the successful launch of TianWen-1
August 4, 2020  Views:

HIT News A few days ago, Professor Jiang Hongyuan's research team from the School of Mechatronics Engineering, HIT received a thank-you note from Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute in which they expressed their gratitude to the team for their contribution to the successful launch of the Tianwen-1 Mars probe into the scheduled orbit sent by Long March 5 series Launch Vehicle . The successful launch of the Long March 5 has further consolidated the position of the Long March 5 rocket's carrying capacity in the first echelon of active rockets in the world.

Based on the technical reserve of the successful application of metal rubber technology in Long March 5B, Jiang Hongyuan’s team devoted themselves to technology tackling and successfully developed metal rubber damping ring for liquid oxygen and kerosene engines to meet the special requirements of CZ-5 Y4, effectively solving the problem of damping vibration attenuation under special working conditions such as large temperature difference, high vacuum, strong radiation, and severe vibration, etc. In addition,the team realized the precise control of special-shaped structure design, the moulding parameters and technological equipment as well asbroke through the technical bottlenecks of high load-bearing, large deformation, high damping of metal rubber materials through giving full play to the performance characteristics of metal rubber porous damping materials, greatly improving the damping vibration effect of relevant structural components, providing strong technical support for the normal operation of liquid oxygen and kerosene engines, and contributing the wisdom of Harbin Institute of Technology to the successful launch of CZ-5 Y4.
With the development of the research, metal rubber technology is expected to be widely used in the field of aerospace.