Student Apartment Management Regulations
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Notice on Printing and Issuing of UTSZ Student Apartment Management Regulations

Construction offices of Shenzhen Graduate Schools of Tsinghua University, Peking University and Harbin Institute of Technology:  

This is to inform you that the Student Apartment Management Regulations of University Town of Shenzhen has been approved by the 15th Director Decision Meeting of the Management Office of University Town of Shenzhen and is now officially issued.

Management Office of University Town of Shenzhen

October 17, 2016

Student Apartment Management Regulations of University Town of Shenzhen

Approved by Director Decision Meeting on July 14, 2016

Chapter I. General Terms

Article 1. In order to strengthen the management of Student Apartments in University Town of Shenzhen (“Student Apartments” hereinafter), so as to create a beautiful, comfortable, safe and civilized study and living environment for students, in accordance with the Notice on Further Regulating Charge Standards for Institutions of Higher Education of Our Municipality (SZPrice-2008-No.5), Notice on Further Regulating Charge Standards for Institutions of Higher Education of Our Province by Guangdong Province Price Bureau, Guangdong Province Education Department and Guangdong Province Finance Department (GDPrice-2007-No.186), and following the spirit of relevant regulations by the Education Department and relevant documents at municipal and provincial levels, and considering the practical situations of the Student Apartments, we decide on this Regulations.

Article 2. Student Apartments are infrastructure of University Town of Shenzhen, among which those exclusively invested by the government shall be managed by the Management Office of University Town of Shenzhen (“Management Office” hereinafter), while those jointly invested by the municipal government and UTSZ Logistics Development Co., Ltd. shall be managed by the UTSZ Logistics Development Co., Ltd. (“Logistics Company” hereinafter). The daily management and services of the Student Apartments fall under the responsibility of the Logistics Department of the Management Office, while part of the daily management work may be delegated to graduate schools by the Management Office or the Logistics Company.

Article 3. The tenants of the Student Apartments are the students of Shenzhen Graduate Schools of Tsinghua University, Peking University and Harbin Institute of Technology, including foreign students. Under the premise that all full-time students of aforementioned schools have full access to student apartments, based on practical situations and following documents such as the Management Regulations on Short-term Housing of University Town of Shenzhen, staff of University Town of Shenzhen may also reside in the Student Apartments on a short-term basis.

Chapter II. Allocation and Management of Student Apartments

Article 4. For every Student Apartment, three dorm Supervisors will form a 24-hour shift. Their responsibilities include safety management, dormitory management, entrance guard management, maintenance report, assets management, etc.

Principle for apartment allocation is: distinguish between the sexes; students of the same grade, major and program duration reside together; adjustment possible when necessary.

Procedure for apartment allocation and check-in:

1.Freshman check-in. The Logistics Department Campus Service Department (“Campus Services Department” hereinafter) arranges the apartment allocation on the basis of freshman list provided by the campus schools. Early check-in (which is before official freshman registration) is not allowed.

2.Dispersed check-in. Full-time students that check in during the middle of a term (or at any time other than the freshman batch check-in) shall fill in the UTSZ Student Apartment Application Form (see Attachments No.1 & No.2) and get approval from relevant school authorities and the Campus Service Department.

Article 5 Apartment Reallocation

1.If apartment room switch is required due to maintenance needs or additional room demands, student shall comply with these adjustments. In case where room facilities need maintenance or renewal, student shall cooperate to allow such maintenance work be carried out smoothly.

2.Apartment room switch is not allowed except with official approval. In case of special needs, the Campus Service Department will approve room switch based on apartment availability. As a principle, room switch is allowed within the same grade of the same school and the same boarding fee standard. Every student is allowed one chance of room switch application every semester.

Article 6. Checkout Management

1.If student needs to check out due to graduation, dropout, school transfer, or suspension of schooling, he or she needs to complete checkout procedure, which is as follows. First, contact the Supervisor to inspect apartment assets and cancel apartment building gate access. Second, take along Room Assets Inspection Form filled and signed by the supervisor to the Campus Service Department, pay off boarding fee, water bill, etc. and cancel campus card functions.

1.After graduation, student shall finish checkout procedure in time. The checkout deadline is the official leave-campus day set by the school of the student.

2.Student is allowed two days to move out of the apartment after completion of checkout. In case of delay, the Campus Service Department may cancel all apartment services and the Supervisor may force the student to move out and may dispose of all articles left in the apartment. Any article left in the apartment after checkout will be considered abandoned and thus at the disposal of the Supervisor.

Article 7. Postponed checkout. If a student fails to graduate in time, he or she may apply for postponed apartment checkout. To do this, the student must go to the Campus Service Department with a certification provided by the student’s school at least two weeks before the original checkout date, and pay relevant boarding fees and water and electricity bills.

Chapter III. Charge Standards

Article 8. Student apartment charge standards. The boarding fee charge standards are based on the relevant provisions of the Reply on the UTSZ Student Apartment Charge Standards by Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission (SZDRC-2015-No.949).

Article 9. Boarding fee collection. Boarding fee of full-time students is collected once every semester. Boarding fee of foreign students is calculated by month and collected once every semester, while a 2-month deposit is required, which will be refunded at final checkout. Payment methods include three ways: first, collection through bank account deduction; second, online payment at the UTSZ Digital Logistics Service Hall website; third, onsite payment at the Campus Service Center. For freshman students, the third payment method shall apply, namely onsite payment on the registration day.

Within ten days of student’s check-in, Ping An Bank will deduct boarding fee from student’s bank account on behalf of the Campus Service Department. If such deduction fails twice, the Campus Service Department will inform the student to choose the other two payment methods, namely online or onsite payment. For those that fail to meet payment deadline, the Campus Service Department will send them payment reminder letter, and may cancel their campus card functions including their apartment building entrance access. For those with payment due for more than one month, after noticing their school, the Campus Service Department has right to force them to move out. Depending on the situation, it may also report the case to the social credit system.

Article 10. Refund of boarding fee. Refund of boarding fee is based on the Notice on Further Regulating the Charge Standards of Institutions of Higher Education of our Municipality (SZPrice-2008-No.5).

1. For students that graduate ahead of schedule, transfer school, suspend schooling or drop out (including due to death or illness), boarding fee will be calculated according to the actual on-campus time and the rest can be refunded. The calculation formula is: Refundable Sum=Yearly Fee/10 * (10-N), with N representing how many months the student has stayed on campus. Days less than one month will be calculated as one full month.

2. For students that drop out without proper checkout registration procedure or expelled (including due to commission of criminal offence), boarding fee will not be refunded.

3. In case of room switch between rooms of different charge standards, the price difference (counting the actual residence period) can be refunded.

4. Foreign students shall pay boarding fee every month.

Article 11. Electricity and water bills. The charge standards shall follow the standards confirmed by price regulation authorities of both provincial and municipal levels. The subsidy for electricity and water bills provided in the Reply on the UTSZ Student Apartment Charge Standards by Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission has already been deducted from the boarding fee, so the electricity and water bills will be collected according to actual consumption and divided among roommates based on their consultation. The electricity and hot water bills will be prepaid with the campus card. The cold water bill will be paid according to meter readings which are recorded every month. Student can pay their bills on any campus card charge machine on campus, or they may pay online through the electricity check column of the Digital Logistics Service Hall website after checking the actual consumption and sum.

Student can charge their bills just according to the actual consumption. During residence period, no refund is possible. Only when the last tenant of an apartment checks out will the Campus Service Department refund the electricity bill balance to the campus card of that tenant.

Cold water bill is settled at the Campus Service Center on a regular basis.

For those that fail to pay on time, the Campus Service Department has the right to cut off the water or electricity supply.

Chapter IV. Daily Management

Article 12. During residence, the following conducts are strictly forbidden: increasing tenant number without permission, occupying vacant beds, subletting beds, switch room without permission, etc.

Article 13. Safety Management

1. To ensure security, the Supervisor (“Supervisor” hereinafter) has right to question, register or check on student at the entrance or in the apartment.

2. The Supervisor will carry out regular and casual safety inspections on the apartment, checking on tenant number, facility conditions, and potential safety hazards. In case of safety hazards or accidents, the Supervisor may enter the room at the absence of the tenant, under the premise that he has obtained the permission of the student’s school or the UTSZ Management Office and is accompanied by at least one person.

3. The student apartment requires visitor registration. All visitors shall follow the Supervisor’s directions regarding such registration, entering only after the Supervisor has confirmed the registered information and given consent. Visitors are strictly forbidden to stay overnight in the apartment.

4. Student should protect the safety of the apartment and enhance safety consciousness and legal system consciousness, raise ability to prevent accidents and strengthen self-management skills. Student shall cooperate to prevent theft and fire, save water and use electricity safely.

a. When all roommates leave the room, please close door and windows, and shut off water and power. Don’t give away gate access card (i.e. campus card) or keys to others so as to prevent property loss.

b. Students shall take good care of their belongings, especially precious articles and cash. If they spot sales person or suspicious person, they shall report to the Supervisor immediately. In case of theft, the original site should be maintained and the Supervisor should be informed.

c. Save water. Close the water faucet after use. In case of water leakage or damage of water or power facilities, report to the Supervisor immediately.

d. Learn fire-fighting knowledge. Protect fire-fighting equipment. Anyone damaging the fire-fighting equipment will be investigated for legal responsibility according to the PRC Fire Protection Law. In case of fire, call the police immediately and arrange for evacuation in a calm manner.

e. Burning objects is strictly forbidden in the apartment building. In summer, mosquito-repellant incense is allowed, but only with enough safety precautions.

f. Flammable, explosive, erosive, dangerous or poisonous articles are strictly forbidden in the apartment.

g. Electrical appliances with power above 800w are forbidden. The aggregate power of a room shall not exceed 3000w. The Supervisor or the property management staff has right to confiscate improper electrical appliances and keep them until the owner checks out.

h. Private wiring is strictly forbidden.

i. Throwing objects from high altitude is strictly forbidden.

Article 14. Access Control

1. The apartment adopts electric lock system. There are two types of access control, i.e. building access control and room access control. Both use authorized campus card as key. Students, teachers, staff and others who are not tenants of the apartment shall get properly registered by the Supervisor before entry.

2. Access authorization. After registration at the Campus Service Department, student shall go to the Apartment Management Division to get apartment access authorization. Campus card should be properly kept. If anyone lends his or her campus card to others and has thus caused theft or damage, the lender shall be responsible for any loss or damage thus incurred. Student should protect the electric lock facilities. Anyone who intentionally damage the facilities, change the setting, or tamper with student information shall be held responsible for repair and compensation. In serious cases, the offender shall be held responsible by law.

3. Card loss. In case of campus card loss, student shall report the case to the Supervisor immediately and then go to the Campus Service Department to cancel the original card and get a new card, before going to the Supervisor again to get access authorization.

4. Cancel access card. For apartment checkout, first contact the Supervisor to inspect assets and cancel gate and door access functions, then go to pay all bills at the Campus Service Center. If student can’t move out in time, a temporary access (up to two days) may be granted.

5. In critical situations like fire or earthquake, the building access electric lock will be unlocked automatically. In special periods like freshman arrival or group relocation, or during graduation time, there is possibility of automatic unlocking of the building gate for a certain period of time.

6. The gate/door access function of the campus card is directly linked to the payment system. If tenant fails to pay boarding fee or water bill on time, the access function will be cancelled automatically, only to be authorized again after all due amounts are paid.

7. If student forget to bring the access card along with him or her and thus can’t enter the room, he or she may ask the Supervisor to open the door. The premise is that the Supervisor shall confirm the student’s identity in a prudent manner and keep a proper record of the case.

Article 15. Management of spare key

The spare keys of student apartment rooms are kept by personnel designated by the UTSZ Management Office, for emergencies or for official use. The spare keys are mostly used in the cases where the access card cannot open the apartment room.

Article 16. Asset Management

1.Tenants shall keep the original structure and decoration of the apartment room and shall refrain from painting the wall, ceiling or floor. Anyone intentionally damaging any public facility shall be liable for repairs and/or replacements.

2.Furniture, facilities and equipment inside the apartment room are designated in accordance with relevant official documents. If student find articles missing or damaged, he or she shall report to the Supervisor immediately so that maintenance can be carried out timely. It’s forbidden to dismantle, remove or damage furniture inside the room. It’s also forbidden to move outside furniture inside the room. Any damage caused due to offence of this provision shall be compensated according to actual price by the offender.

Article 17. Repair and maintenance report

Student may use website of the Digital Logistics Service Hall to report for repair, or call the property management hotline at 26032915 or 26032975 to report for repair, or call the campus service hotline at 26032980 to report for repair and voice complaints. Repair is carried out by the property management company. If equipment or facilities need repair due to natural wear, age or other reasons other than deliberate damage, repair is for free. If it’s deliberate damage, the student causing the damage shall pay for the public facility at its original price and his or her school may be informed to record a demerit. In serious cases, the student’s tenant qualification will be canceled.

Article 18. Environment Management

Student apartment is very important for students’ daily activities. Every tenant has the right and also the obligation to create a safe, quiet, orderly and cozy environment for all. To do this, the following guidance shall be followed.

1.Protect plants around the apartment. Contribute to the construction of a green campus. Don’t trample on, dig, carve, pick or break plants. Don’t hang objects on plants to dry.

2.Obey public ethics. Keep stairs and passageways clean and orderly. No spitting. No littering. No pouring dirty water. Keep walls, ceilings and elevators clean. Don’t heap electrical appliances, debris or rubbish in passageways or corridors.

3. To avoid interfering with others’ study and rest, don’t play ball games, dance, broadcast loud music, shout or sing loudly in passageways or corridors.

4. Don’t keep animal or poisonous plant in the apartment. Or else the animal or plant will be confiscated.

5. Without permission of relevant authorities, no business activities are allowed in the apartment. Assembly, procession, demonstration and religious activities are also forbidden in the apartment.

6. Don’t put up advertisements without permission.

7. Bicycles shall be parked in designated area rather than apartment corridors.

8. Smoking is bad for health. No smoking and no throwing of cigarette butts in the apartment.

9. It’s forbidden to drink, gamble, fight or carry out any kind of illegal acts in the apartment.

Chapter V. Rewards and Punishments

Article 19. Students, teachers or staff that report misconducts or put forward constructive proposals will be rewarded.

Article 20. For violation of apartment regulations, Campus Service Department will give official notice on correction, and then, depending on the situation, report to student’s school and university to record a demerit. If the violation doesn’t stop in two days of the notice, Campus Service Department has right to suspend all services to the student, including canceling all functions of his/her campus card. If the violation doesn’t stop in five days and the case is serious, after noticing the relevant school authority, Campus Service Department will expel the student from the apartment by force and the boarding fee will not be refunded. In case of private or public property loss, the student shall pay for such loss at the actual price and receive other punishments. In case of law violation, public security authorities shall be informed.

Chapter VI. Supplementary Provisions

Article 21. The power of interpretation and revision of this regulation belongs to University Town of Shenzhen, Management Office.

Article 22. This regulation comes into effect on the day of publication.

l Attachments:

1. UTSZ Student Apartment Application Form (for HIT Graduate School full-time students and foreign students)

2. UTSZ Student Apartment Application Form (for Tsinghua University Graduate School full-time students and foreign students)