International Student Responsibility Statement
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International Student Responsibility Statement

International students are required to abide by rules and regulations of P.R. P.R.China (hereinafter referred to as P.R.China) throughout their stay in the country. International students shall comply with the
relevant provisions for
Exit & Entry procedures, and not engage in any activities irrelevant to the purpose of studying in the country.

This handout lists parts of the very important rules international students should follow to maintain legal student status. International students shall be responsible for knowing and abiding by laws and regulations of P.R.China to guarantee your successful completeness of your academic program at HITSZ.


Passport The passport is the legal document issued by your country of citizenship; it must be kept valid at all times during your stay in P.R.China and must be valid at least 6 months into the future to re-enter P.R.China or apply for a visa. The passport can be renewed through your embassy or one of your consulates in P.R.China.

Visa Students are required to enter P.R. China with either an “X1” or “X2” visa. X1 visa is for students who study in P.R.China for more  than 6 months, and X2 visa for those who study for less than 6  months. You should keep your visa valid during your stay in P.R.  China and meet your international student advisor at HITSZ for  your residence permit renewing.

Proof of Funds The financial proof shall indicate that you have enough economic support for your stay in P.R.China.

II. To maintain your legal student status, you MUST:

1. Abide by the laws and regulations of P.R.China and the rules and disciplinary requirements of HITSZRespect Chinese social morals, customs and practices.

2. Maintain a valid passport throughout your stay in P.R.China. You must update your passport information at both International Office of HITSZ and local police station when you have a new passport.

3. Keep your visa valid at all times; apply for extensions of your visa or residence permit at least one month before the document expires. You should attend to re-entry formalities before your departure if you want to exit P.R.China temporarily during your term of study.

4. When you live off campus, comply with registration formalities at the Department of Public Security in the place where you reside.

5. Those who will study in P.R.China for more than 6 months shall, within the stipulated time limit, undergo a physical examination at the offices of the local health and quarantine authorities. Carriers of diseases that, according to P.R.China's laws and regulations preclude entry into P.R.China shall depart P.R.China and return to their home country without delay.

6. "X1" visa holder shall apply for residence permit at Division of Exit-entry Administration of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau within 30 days after entry.

7. Register and pay fees, including but not limited to tuition fee and insurance fee, within the first 4 weeks of each school term. Students who fail to pay required fees shall be deemed as drop out of HITSZ automatically and their residence permits shall be cancelled.

8. Exit P.R.China within the stipulated time limit when you graduate, complete your study program, drop out or suspend your study from HITSZ.

9. Abide by Chinese laws and regulations in their publication activities, associations, gatherings, and participation in parades or demonstrations.

10. Conform with P.R.China's relevant administrative stipulations when bringing in and posting of stuff out of P.R.China.

You must NEVER do the following:

1. Take a leave of absence, withdraw from classes, or drop below the required number of credits without FIRST checking with an international advisor in HITSZ.

2. Seek employment, conduct business or engage in any profit-making activities during your term of study; however, you are allowed to participate in work-study programs as stipulate by HITSZ and Chinese government.

Notice Students who want to take part-time jobs while they studying in P.R.China shall get approval from HITSZ first, and then do registration at the are Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. Students who take part-time job but fail to do registration as required will be deemed as illegal employment and will face a risk to be fined, and their residence permit might be cancelled. Full-time job is not allowed during the whole study period in P.R.China.

3. Undertake missionary work or religious gatherings on campus. Students may, upon the approval of HITSZ, hold celebrations on their home country's important traditional festival days within approved locations or areas. During these activities, words or actions that attacks other countries or that violate social morality shall not be permitted.


1. International students must buy their health and accident insurance when studying in P.R.ChinaExcept CSC students whose insurance is included in their national scholarship package ), and make sure the insurance valid during their study period at HITSZ. Students with no valid insurance during their stay in P.R.China shall not study at HITSZ.

2. International students shall apply for suspension, leaving and withdrawing process in accordance with the requirements of HITSZ. Students who apply for suspension from HITSZ shall change their residence permits into temporary visas.

3. Students who apply for suspension from HITSZ due to illness shall return to their home country within the valid period of their temporary visas.

4. To extent their residence permits on time. International students must inform the international office of the expiration of their residence permit and apply for extension at least one month in advance ( Summer &Winter vacation is not counted in). Students should take responsibility by their own if they fail to do so.

5. HITSZ may issue Certificate of Study to international students. With the certificate, the dependants of the international student may apply for "S" visas at a Chinese embassy or consulate in order to accompany the student in P.R.China. The Division of Exit-entry Admission of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau shall renew the dependents' visa according to an official letter issued by HITSZ. The dependents' term of residence in P.R.China shall not exceed the validity period of the international student's certificate of residence. International students should be responsible for the visa and residence permit application process for their family members.

6. When transferring to another city for study, international students shall first attend to emigration formalities at the Entry and Exit section of the Department of Public Security of their initial place of residence. Within 10 days after arrival at the new place of residence, international student shall attend to immigration formalities at the Entry and Exit Section of the Department of Public Security at the place of immigration.

7. If you decided to quit your study, please inform the International Office of HITSZ at least one month in advance and do talk with the international advisor for details.