Instruction for Work Permit and Residence Permit
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WELCOME TO HITSZ! In order to make your stay comfortable and carefree, it's IMPORTANT to first understand that WORK PERMIT(工作许可) and RESIDENCE PERMIT(居留许可) are essential documents for international faculties and staff working full time in China. Please follow the instruction below to get started!


1. What visa should I apply? (Click to expand)

Under most and normal circumstances, foreigners working in China need to apply for WORK VISA (Z VISA) to enter China, however, for those acknowledged by China Foreign Expert Bureau as Category A talent, can choose to apply for Talent Visa (R Visa) or enter China with any options of visa.

a) What category do I fall in? (Category A, B, C)

The talent category established by China Foreign Expert Bureau is important for international staff since it affects application procedures, documents and processing time for WORK PERMIT (NOTICE). There are three categories (A, B, C), common positions in HITSZ can refer to standards below:


Positions or Points


Associate Professors and Professors

Post-doctoral under 40 years old

Internationally or domestically recognized high-level talent (e.g. Nobel Laureate) 

Above 85 points(Please refer to Talent Category Self-check Table)


(Senior) Lecturers

Assistant Professors

International students graduated from Chinese universities

Above 60 points(Please refer to Talent Category Self-check Table)


Currently not applicable within HITSZ

* Please download Talent Category for self-check.

2. How do I apply for Z visa?

Application documents for WORK VISA (Z visa) varies among different countries, you need to check with local Embassy or Consulate for detailed requirements. One document essential to WORK VISA (Z VISA) application is WORK PERMIT NOTICE (NOTIFICATION LETTER OF FOREIGNER’S WORK PERMIT IN THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA). HITSZ will help you to apply for WORK PERMIT NOTICE based on application documents provided.

3. How do I apply for WORK PERMIT NOTICE?

WORK PERMIT NOTICE requires applicants to prepare all the documents(including translation and certification) before submission. Please refer to checklist 1 to see what you need to prepare. Processing time per application is at least one month if Foreign Expert Bureau does not require extra documents.

Please send all digital copies in color to

* Please be aware that Work Permit Notice is a digital document issued by Foreign Expert Bureau. Once application is approved, HITSZ International Office would send to email address of applicant or authorized agent to proceed WORK VISA (Z Visa) application.


* Please note that Category B talent needs to apply for WORK PERMIT NOTICE and WORK VISA (Z VISA) no matter if the applicant is staying in China. If you are not sure which category you belong, please go back to 1(a) in last section, if you are not sure how to apply for WORK PERMIT NOTICE, please go to 3 in in last section.

1. How do I apply for Work Permit?

The processing authority is Foreign Expert Bureau(Counter 29-30, East Wing, Zone B, Civic Center, Futian District).

- If you already have a WORK PERMIT NOTICE, please refer to checklist 2 to supplement extra documents;

- If you do not have a WORK PERMIT NOTICE, talent of Category A should refer to checklist 3 to provide application documents for WORK PERMIT, Category B should refer to checklist 1 to apply for WORK PERMIT NOTICE before applying for WORK PERMIT;

Please send all digital copies in color to

Once online application is approved, you would be informed by International Office to provide all application documents in original copies to Room 721, Main Building. WORK PERMIT would be issued after Foreign Expert Bureau validate all original documents.

2. How do I apply for Residence Permit?

The processing authority is Exit & Entry Administration Office (3018 Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan District).

a) Prepare application documents referring to checklist 4;

b) Make online appointment and get necessary application documents signed and sealed;

c) Arrive at appointed time period and address;

d) Show appointment message to front desk officer;

e) Submit application documents on second floor;

f) Retrieve passport after 7 working days and pay for application fee;

g) Return WORK PERMIT to International Office and Provide RESIDENCE PERMIT copies.

3. How do I apply for Extension, Update & Cancellation?

* Before you submit an application, you should check if your passport is near expiration or if there's empty page for RESIDENCE PERMIT sticker.

Normally expire dates for WORK PERMIT & RESIDENCE PERMIT are consistent. Application deadline for WORK PERMIT extension is one month before expire date, application deadline for RESIDENCE PERMIT extension is one day before expire date. Application documents for WORK PERMIT & RESIDENCE PERMIT extension should refer to checklist 5;

Please be aware that necessary procedures are required under following circumstances:

a) Passport renewal

b) Change residence address

c) Change position/title

d) Cancellation of contract

Application documents refer to checklist 5.